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James M.

BumblePuppy and Janel were wonderful! Their excellent work doing an estate sale and clean-up in our parents' home in Appleton saved my family an enormous amount of time, effort, expense, and above all, stress. They were knowledgeable, efficient, hard-working, easy to deal with, and completely reliable, and they made what would otherwise have been an impossible and upsetting task into a completely manageable process. I recommend them without reservation.
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Vanessa S.

"Janel and her family were lifesavers for my family for many years. No easy trick either, not with my prednisone induced mood swings and erratic behavior. One thing that amazed me about Janel from the very first time I met her, was how non-judgmental she is. Which is a wonderful trait. I've seen her business grow over the years with well planned hard work, it's very, very impressive. Without a question, she's the best in the estate sale "biz". And a very, very interesting woman besides. We're lucky to have her and her family."
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Marialyce D.

"A treasure hunt for sure.  Something for everyone-and the men seem to love this shop too.  Lots of vintage and unexpected finds-just a fun place to shop and get a great deal."
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Elizabeth R.

"My experience has been as a regular customer who has experienced the work of many such services, both as a customer and as a seller. From the very start, I have found BumblePuppy to be exceptional, both as an in-store and onsite service. BumblePuppy is very active, showing unusual initiative and efficiency in conducting frequent, well-advertised sales. The store is bright, clean and uncluttered. The very diverse onsite sales are as individual as the locations in which they are held, but always organized in such a way as to be safe, adequately lit, with items well-marked and reasonably ...
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Kelsey A.

"This is my favorite consignment shop in the valley.  Its large, bright with wide aisles.  I typically go once a week because the inventory changes so much.  There are always really good deals there and I have found many treasures.  There are antiques, furniture and basically everything you'd find in  a house."
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Teri S.

"I have become a regular shopper of both the store and the on-location estate sales.  They do a great job of setting up each sale in a customer friendly atmosphere and treating the estate merchandise with care.  The value on the estate merchandise has been researched and they price items fairly to benefit both the shopping customer and estate owner.  Whether classic or eclectic, small or large, there are always treasures to find at the store and at every unique sale they have. We have furnished college houses and first apartments with all types of cherished finds from ...
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Dick B.

"Have shopped with this company on an almost weekly basis to purchase items for wholesale/resale.  They provide an excellent service for families in need of whole household personal property and/or estate item disposal.  Some of the items not sold at their Household Tag Sales can be carried over, at the owner's discretion, to their Retail Store in Appleton, WI.  Have also used this company as a point of sale by participating in their cold weather only, monthly indoor Flea Markets as a wholesale vendor.  This company would bemy first recommendation to anyone in need of ...
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Ann E.

"We had our own estate sale of my Mother-in-laws household.When looking how to sell the rest of  her items I found BumblePuppy. Everything that was left was transported to BumblePuppy and they sold what was left. Since that time...I have gone to TONS of their Estate Sales and have never left empty handed . The store always has items I find to use in my household or garden. I enjoy the hunt of treasures and finding things and giving them new life. And lets not forget prices...oh, if you like to get a good deal..you have to check them out. The people she has working for her are always ...
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