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Newsletter for the weeks of January 1, 2014 (Yes! our weeks start on Wednesday)

Highlights this week:  Oshkosh Estate Sale, Store info, reminders, updates and previews

The BumblePuppy Family sincerely wishes everyone a happy New Year!!

Reminder:  The store will be closed Wednesday, Jan 1.  We will reopen on Jan 2, 2014

Upcoming Sales


Please note the BumblePuppy Store will be closed from Dec 23- Jan 1 for deep cleaning and the holidays.  We will reopen on Jan 2.  We MAY still be able to accommodate some prescheduled drop offs, deliveries and pickups during this time.  Please schedule these in advance.

We have some new things in store for the year as we work to improve and change our business.  Highlights of these changes are below:
1. We have introduced a monthly auction that will help us clear out our warehouse and store more quickly
2. Reintroduction of the purple sticker.  This means that items will be full priced for two weeks, 25% off for one week and half off for one week.
3.  Quarter day changes:  Items Under $10 will be a quarter on quarter day (Sunday).  Items $10-$19.99 will be 75% off and items $20 to $199.00 will be 60% off and items $200 and over will remain half off.
4.  We have eliminated the book section, clothing section and quarter tables.  You will find the clothes, books and quarter table items at our junk sales and auctions.
5.  We have created an ebay, craigslist, bumblepuppy online auction and store office.  We are  accepting consignments for these venues starting in mid January.
6.  We've also switched around our booth at the Fox River Antique Mall.  Everything in it is either $5 or $10.  
7.  We've signed on for a booth at Originals Antique Mall in Oshkosh.  Look for our items there starting in mid January

Other news and announcements:

  1. Bumble Puppy is hiring.  Bumblepuppy is hiring a FULL TIME POSITION.  Persons applying need to be available to work almost every Friday, Saturday, Monday in addition to two other rotating days.  Most weeks will average 40 hours.  Some weeks will be more (so the applicant needs to be able to work overtime) and others may be less.  The average hours worked per week during a year will be 40.  We are seeking people with a positive attitude that can lift at least 50 pounds, be on their feet all day and have availability during the weekdays and also possibly some weekends.  job responsibilities would include customer service in the store, estate sale set up, store set up, etc.  Strong customer service skills are a must.  Knowledge of antiques and collectibles pricing a bonus, design and decorating skills also desired. The ability to list a minimum of 4 items on ebay per hour also desired.  Computer skills are helpful as we move into additional online sales. If you are looking for an interesting full time job, this may be for you.  Be warned that this is hard work and not all estates are created the same.  This is not a job where you will be sitting.  This is not a job where you will be digging for treasure.  This is not a job where you will be able to stay clean on a daily basis.  This is not a job for the feint of heart or for those who may run in fear of rodents.  Pay $9-$13 an hour depending upon experience.  Apply at the store or send letter of interest and resume to bumblepuppysales@gmail.com.  At this time BumblePuppy is unable to offer health insurance.  Full time employees receive holiday pay in addition to other benefits.  This position will be added to the team in January or February.
  2. We are looking for bulk buyers for clothing and books.  Purchase by the garbage bag for clothes and by the box for books.  These are not smelly/yucky items.  They are in good condition.
  3. We could use some boxes and bags.  If you have extra bags and boxes laying around and you can bring them to us, we would appreciate it.
  4. As always, if you refer an estate to us and we end up doing an onsite sale at the house, you will receive a $100 referral bonus!  We just need to know who referred the customer to us!
  5. Cleanouts!  Interested in getting a lot of merchandise for a bulk price?  We are looking for people to give us a quote on cleaning out estate sale leftovers from some of our estate sales.  If you are interested in being on our list, please contact us!
  6. BumblePuppy received our Auction House license this.  We are excited to offer this new sales venue.  We are working on our online sales platform as we speak and will soon offer online auctions as well as weeknight and possible other special auctions.
  7. We are seeking guest bloggers!  Do you have a passion for collecting, antiques, decorating, junking, etc!  Please let us know.  Guest bloggers receive a BumblePuppy coupon as well as recognition on our blog and links back to your own blog, business or page!


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Flea Market Info

FREE Admission and Parking

The BumblePuppy Winter Flea Markets are in their third year. We have room for over 50 vendors at our market and are often completely full. Vendors are selling a variety of wares including antiques, collectibles, baked goods, new items, garage sale items, junk, repurposed objects, as well as direct sales vendors like Avon, Pampered Chef and more. Vendors change each month. If you’d like to sign up to be a vendor, please check out our vendor page.

Janel Bedor (920) 213-0927

BumblePuppy Sales

621 Westhill Blvd
Appleton, WI 54914

Flea Market Vendors

Click here to signup for Flea Market Vendor Emails

Flea Market Sign Up Form

You can pay by paypal.  See the paypal payment link info on the bottom of the page at     http://bumblepuppysales.com/services/flea-markets