Upcoming Events 

Newsletter for the week of November 20, 2013 (Yes! our weeks start on Wednesday)

Highlights this week:  Fun sale in Depere this weekend.  Auction Updates

Upcoming Sales

Please note the BumblePuppy Store will be closed from Dec 23- Jan 1 for deep cleaning and the holidays.  We will reopen on Jan 2.  We MAY still be able to accommodate some prescheduled drop offs, deliveries and pickups during this time.  Please schedule these in advance.

Other news and announcements:

  1. We are looking for bulk buyers for clothing and books.  Purchase by the garbage bag for clothes and by the box for books.  These are not smelly/yucky items.  They are in good condition.
  2. We could use some boxes and bags.  If you have extra bags and boxes laying around and you can bring them to us, we would appreciate it.
  3. Check out our new website designed by B2Computing!  We've got a lot of information on there and we've reorganized it so its easier to find!  www.bumblepuppysales.com
  4. As always, if you refer an estate to us and we end up doing an onsite sale at the house, you will receive a $100 referral bonus!  We just need to know who referred the customer to us!
  5. Cleanouts!  Interested in getting a lot of merchandise for a bulk price?  We are looking for people to give us a quote on cleaning out estate sale leftovers from some of our estate sales.  If you are interested in being on our list, please contact us!
  6. BumblePuppy received our Auction House license this.  We are excited to offer this new sales venue.  We are working on our online sales platform as we speak and will soon offer online auctions as well as weeknight and possible other special auctions.
  7. We are seeking guest bloggers!  Do you have a passion for collecting, antiques, decorating, junking, etc!  Please let us know.  Guest bloggers receive a BumblePuppy coupon as well as recognition on our blog and links back to your own blog, business or page!


Did you know you can connect with BumblePuppy online?

We use twitter and facebook actively for updates and promotions.  In fact, we are running a contest on Facebook right now!  You can enter to win a $100 gift certificate to be chosen once we reach 2,500 page likes.  Just in time for the holidays.  Find us on Facebook at    https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bumble-Puppy-Estate-Sales/181703875281633 and see how you can win!

Our twitter feeds can be accessed at:     https://twitter.com/bumblepuppy 

If you are interested in reading past newsletters they can be accessed on mailchimp here:     http://us2.campaign-archive1.com/home/?u=c714795043305dcb458531697&id=155e72da5b  There is also an RSS feed that you can link to your browser or device to get additional access to newsletters if email is not your preferred delivery method!

BumblePuppy uses other social media platforms as well.  Did you know we offer a FourSquare discount?  Congratulations to Alyssa M. for being our current Mayor.  She's checked in two times in sixty days.  You can be the mayor if you check in more often!  Mayors receive 5% off!   Check in with FourSquare to see what the heck this is...     https://foursquare.com/v/bumblepuppy-sales/4eb46ed78b81a81f901e9d47

We are on Pinterest too!  We have a pretty extensive board dealing with fabulous ways to upcycle and repurpose old things.  If you are interested, give it a look!     http://www.pinterest.com/bumblepuppy/repurposed/


BumblePuppy Estate Sale Store


Don't forget to pick up your BumblePuppy Coupon this week!  Its good for 20% off an item priced under $100 (exclusions include vendor booths, gold and silver).  One coupon per person per day.  Coupons can be picked up from the Appleton Indoor Flea Market on Saturday and Sunday.

Our vestibule books are 10 for $1.00.  You can't beat those prices!  These books can be found in the vestibule entrance of our store.

Anyone want a FREE player piano? Its in the back of the shop and is available to the first person who physically shows up with a truck to take it away.  No reserving it.  Truck.  People to haul.  Once they arrive at the store, the piano goes to them.  There are no steps involved to get in/out of the store.  We cannot help lift it.


Stock hardcovers, softcovers, children’s books are just a quarter!  (this excludes books prior to 1970 and cookbooks as well as coffee table books)

Stock Linens are all fifty cents this week (sheets, blankets, towels, aprons, pillowcases, scarves and hankies, placemats, fancy work etc!!)

VHS are just a quarter (excluding Disney)

This excludes any items marked separately.

STOCK CLOTHING JUST A QUARTER THIS WEEK!!  (anything not priced separately).

All other clothing is HALF OFF (excluding fur coats at the front of the store and anything that is not a #900 item)

Auction Info

We had our first auction on October 26th.  If you'd like to see the kind of set up and kind of auction we had you can check out our pictures from last week's auction here:     http://www.flickr.com/photos/bumblepuppysales/sets/72157636955627554/
Future auctions will be held on Thursday nights and will last until about 10:00pm.  We will have a variety of items at each auction including new items that no one has seen before, items that are not moving quickly enough in the store, left over items from the store and estate sale and more.  There is a nice mix.  We have not negotiated a venue yet, but will update this information when we have the details.  If you've never been to an auction before and are nervous about how one works, please show up ahead of time and we will walk you through the process.  Its not scary, we promise!  We've just started these auctions and would like to build a legacy, so we appreciate your feedback and interest in helping us perfect this new sales venue for us.
In addition to these live auctions, BumblePuppy is excited to announce that we will soon be offering online auctions as well.  We are currently having our online auction platform built and will soon offer additional auctions in which you can shop from the comfort of your own home.  We will have shipping and delivery options included in this new sales venue as well.  This exciting venture will allow us to diversify our sales abilities and further meet the needs of our clients.  We hope that you'll check these out as well once we get them established.

Flea Market Info

FREE Admission and Parking

The BumblePuppy Winter Flea Markets are in their third year. We have room for over 50 vendors at our market and are often completely full. Vendors are selling a variety of wares including antiques, collectibles, baked goods, new items, garage sale items, junk, repurposed objects, as well as direct sales vendors like Avon, Pampered Chef and more. Vendors change each month. If you’d like to sign up to be a vendor, please check out our vendor page.

Janel Bedor (920) 213-0927

BumblePuppy Sales

621 Westhill Blvd
Appleton, WI 54914

Flea Market Vendors

Click here to signup for Flea Market Vendor Emails

Flea Market Sign Up Form

You can pay by paypal.  See the paypal payment link info on the bottom of the page at    http://bumblepuppysales.com/services/flea-markets