BumblePuppy Estate Sale Store

Don't forget to pick up your BumblePuppy Coupon this week!  Its good for 20% off an item priced under $100 (exclusions include vendor booths, gold and silver).  One coupon per person per day.  Coupons can be picked up from the Appleton Indoor Flea Market on Saturday and Sunday.

Our vestibule books are 10 for $1.00.  You can't beat those prices!  These books can be found in the vestibule entrance of our store.

Anyone want a FREE player piano? Its in the back of the shop and is available to the first person who physically shows up with a truck to take it away.  No reserving it.  Truck.  People to haul.  Once they arrive at the store, the piano goes to them.  There are no steps involved to get in/out of the store.  We cannot help lift it.



Stock hardcovers, softcovers, children’s books are just a quarter!  (this excludes books prior to 1970 and cookbooks as well as coffee table books)

Stock Linens are all fifty cents this week (sheets, blankets, towels, aprons, pillowcases, scarves and hankies, placemats, fancy work etc!!)

VHS are just a quarter (excluding Disney)

This excludes any items marked separately.

STOCK CLOTHING JUST A QUARTER THIS WEEK!!  (anything not priced separately).

All other clothing is HALF OFF (excluding fur coats at the front of the store and anything that is not a #900 item)