BumblePuppy Auctions

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BumblePuppy offers a variety of estate, collectible and liquidation merchandise via auction.  We host live auctions as well as online auctions on our auction site:  www.buzzworthyauctions.com

Online Auctions

Our online auctions as well as auctions from other area auctioneers can be found on our online auction site www.buzzworthyauctions.com

Registration is free and no credit card is required to bid.  You will be able to come into our store at 621 Westhill Blvd and use our computer to register and bid if you would like.  The sales associates can also help answer your questions and help show you where things are.  Please remember though that bids are nonretractable and binding agreements if you should have the winning bid.  Please read each auction's terms and conditions carefully so you know how each auction is run, when pick up days are as well as sales conditions.

Estate Auctions

These auctions will be run online or in person out of some estates that are not suited well for an estate sale. This may be related to location, quantity of items, condition of the house, etc…Onlie auctions are listed on our auction website www.buzzworthyauctions.com  All lots will include a pick up date where you can come and pick up your item as well as a shipping, deliver to home or deliver to our resale store quote so that items are where you need them!

Consignment Auctions

These could be a mix of online/live auctions.  We try to do one live consignment auction a month except during the summer.  We typically host these on a Thursday night and will post our fall/winter schedule in late summer.

Specialized Collection Auctions

These could be a mix of online/live auctions

Real Estate Auctions

Want to sell your house or land, we will be offering this service soon as well.


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