BumblePuppy Does NOT Accept

BumblePuppy Does NOT accept the following items for consignment....

  • Dried Flowers and Artificial flower arrangements
  • TVS (unless they are new and in working condition-flat panel only, or they are pre 1950 and of collectible interest)
  • Old appliances even if they work (pre 1995)
  • Baby cribs and high chairs unless they are less than 5 years old.  We do not accept antique high chairs
  • Vanity's.  WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANTIQUE vanities without prior approval.  We don't approve very many of these
  • Paint, chemicals and partially used household and outdoor cleaners
  • old picture frames (wooden or metal).  We do encourage antique highly decorative frames, but do not want plain old frames)
  • Clear drinking glasses unless they are crystal
  • Clear wine glass sets unless they are crystal, printed or etched
  • Broken or chipped china
  • Non-working electronics.
  • Any clothing must be washed and cleaned
  • Dishes must be washed and cleaned
  • Coffee cups
  • Additional items at our discretion
  • PLEASE NOTE: if your items are dirty or have previous sale price tags on them, BumblePuppy charges $18.00 an hour to clean items and remove tags. If you do not wish to incur these charges, please make sure your items are clean and free of rummage sale tags.