Items We Purchase Outright

Some items BumblePuppy purchases outright. These items include:

BOOKS - we purchase almost all books outright. The ones that we want to sell in the store, stay there. Other books get donated to Goodwill or St. Vincent's. We purchase books 1995 and newer as well as some antique and collectible books. Particularly valuable books are kept under the consignment contract. BumblePuppy purchases the general stock books. Please keep in mind that we do not pay exceptionally well for stock books. We typically pay more than places like Half Price books, but not much more.

LINENS - We purchase many of the towels, table clothes, sheets, scarves, etc for our stock supply at the store. Items that we can not use in the store are donated to Goodwill, St. Vincent's or Easter Seals. Sometimes we take the sheets, blankets, etc to an animal shelter. Some antique linens, antique quilts and the like are run under the regular consignment process if they are more valuable than just our stock supply.

CLOTHING - We purchase most clothing outright and donate what we can't use to Goodwill, St. Vincent's or Easter Seals. Especially valuable clothing such as fur coats, antique clothing, name brand jackets and other items worth more than our stock prices are kept under the initial consignment agreement.

JEWELRY - We purchase many of the low end costume jewelry outright as well as plain scrap silver and gold. Particularly valuable jewelry is kept under the consignment agreement such as marked vintage broaches, high end real jewelry and other items of particular value.

GOLD AND SILVER - We buy your gold and silver outright unless you'd rather consign it or if it is worth considerably more than the scrap value.

ENTIRE ESTATES - sometimes people just want to move on with estates and prefer that we purchase them outright due to timing, issues or other things. We do come out and make offers on whole and partial estates and collections.

JUNK - Sometimes some items we get in are junk. We sometimes purchase this outright for our junk sale, but most of the time we throw this out. If there is an overwhelming amount of junk, we will have to charge for its disposal.

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